ISO 14001:
Environmental Management Standard

chemical factory

"Based on the 2003 survey into organisations adopting this ethical Environmental Management Standard, there were in excess of 66,070 certificates issued in over 113 countries ("

ISO 14001:2004 (Guidelines ISO 14004:2004) is the latest revision to this Internationally recognised EM Standard and has been aligned with the enhanced ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Standard to facilitate Integrated Management implementation.

The EMS model addresses an organisations establishment, implementation, maintenance & improvement of an Environmental Management System. EMS organisations would publish a Policy reflecting the environmental impacts of its activities with a commitment to continual improvement reducing these impacts, especially the prevention of pollution.

Legal compliance to related legislation, operational controls, emergency preparedness, establishing environmental objectives & targets with corresponding resource allocation that are measured to evaluate compliance, form key ingredients of this EMS model.

The developed ISO 14001:2004 Standard is already regarded as easier to understand than the original 1996 publication and will facilitate translation and consistent worldwide implementation.

The opportunity for modern, ethical organisations of all sizes and scopes of operation to implement Environmental Management Standards and achieve International Certification, recognising their endeavours has now become even more accessible.

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