HACCP Food Safety Requirements identifying and dealing with potential food safety hazards has become an established pre-requisite for organisations operating in the food supply industry.

ISO participating with the World Food Safety Organisation (WFSO) has developed this Standard to harmonise the growing number of National Food Safety Standards at an International level.

ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System is being published to ensure `there are no weak links in food supply chains` (www.iso.ch) and therefore to maintain the integrity of food supply chain management compliant with customer requirements, applicable regulations and ultimate consumer safety.

This Standard has been produced to specify benchmark measurement requirements for food safety, integrating the principals of HACCP programmes mandated to reduce food safety hazards.

As food safety hazards may be introduced at any stage of the food supply chain, this requirement has become a joint responsibility for all `links in the chain`. Consequently, the Standard will be applied to organisations such as Feed Producers, Food Manufacturers, Food Transporters and Food Storage operators. Additionally, sub-contract suppliers retailing at Food Service Outlets, Catering Equipment Producers, Packaging Providers and Suppliers of Cleaning Agents, Additives & Ingredients will all be party to this joint responsibility.

ISO 22000 can be applied independently or integrated with ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems (explained throughout this web site) and will demonstrate a recognised benchmark to evidence an organisations ability to control food safety hazards.

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